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Jersey War Tours is a partnership made up by Phil and Kimberley specialising in private tours of Jerseys WWII German Bunkers. We are just two military occupation researchers with a passion for saving and sharing WWII history. The two of us set up this small business to help fund our research of the Second World War. Our tours give you access to bunkers, batteries and tunnels not open to the public, all of which are in our care. Below are just a few of the Jersey tours we have put together.

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On our tours, we use multimedia and real artefacts to help enhance the experience. Join us on a tour and we will be your battlefield guides to a fascinating and often poignant look at the remaining traces of the dramatic Second World War. 

If you have any questions please contact Phil or Kimberley
Telephone: 07797-869882
Whatsapp +447797869882
(Please remember its not easy for us to answer calls when we are working)

Our project page gives you an idea of how our tours are helping save and document history.

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If you can't join us on a tour than our published online research may be able to assist your visit or explore. You can use our map page to search for sites and it is also great as a tool when you are out and about exploring. Just click the map below to visit the page.

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We also have a new online magazine!

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