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Jersey War Tours (JWT) is a small local business created by islanders
Kimberley and Phil to help fund their research of the Second World War. JWT specialise in the Occupation of Jersey and the western Normandy region. Our ongoing mission is to maintain this website as an online platform to share our research with everyone. It is really important to us that the history and stories of the greatest generation are not lost. We also want to ensure a digital platform exists to help educate the next generation.

We fund all we do from our tours and
membership, so why not join us on a tour and we will be your battlefield guides to a fascinating and often poignant look at the remaining traces of the dramatic occupation of Jersey. On our tours you will have a unique opportunity to visit German bunkers not usually open to the public. We use real historic artefacts and digital media to enrich the experience. Although we focus on Jerseys WWII Military History, there is no limit to beautiful scenery seen on our tours.

Available Tours:
Evening Tours
Day Tours
Photography Workshops

If you have any questions please contact Phil or Kimberley
Telephone: 07797-869882
Whatsapp +447797869882

(Please remember its not easy for us to answer calls when we are working)

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Recent Research Updates

New online magazine!

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