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1. 4.7 Anti-Tank Position

Design and Use
This was a reinforced field type construction for housing a 4.7cm Anti-Tank Gun with a range of 2,900 meters (1.8 miles). The 4cm kanón vz. 36 was an anti-tank gun produced by the Škoda Works in 1930s. The gun was used inCzechoslovak border fortifications and after German occupation of Czechoslovakia it saw service in Atlantic Wall fortifications under the designation 4,7 cm Pak K 36(t). This position, like other examples around the island, was not in a heavy fortress strength bunker. Looking looking at the RAF reconnaissance photos it is inclosed using a wood shed structure.

The gun and the shelter were probably removed in the tidy up of weapons in 1945/46 by Force 135. This was the only Anti-Tank fixed weapon to be removed from the castle.

Current Condition
Poor, the gun emplacement requires protection care and the the interpretation is in much need of improvement and modernisation.

Recommendations for Maintenance & Preservation
The remains of this gun position require immediate protection which can be achieved using a Rust Converter and Treatment, which needs to be repeated yearly.

Ideas for Interpretation
New signage to explain this area and this should include a photo of the type of gun.
Should form a stop in any digital guides.

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