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Type 606 Searchlight Bunker

Design and Use 
Army design, fortress strength bunker (St). St. bunkers were divided into categories designated by letters. Below is a table with the letters and thicknesses were used to define the outer walls and roof


Building Strength (baustärke)Thickness  
3,5 m
2,5 m
2,0 m
1,0 m
0,6 m
0,3 m

This Type 606 bunker was a B it should have had the following doors in place:

1 x Gastür Type 19P7 (Gas Door)
2 x Stahltür 434P01 (Armoured Stable (Door)
This bunker also has 1 x 48P8 Gewehrschartenverschluß (Armoured Entrance defence loophole)
1 x Type 410 P9 escape shaft door

The bunker was designed as a garage and crew shelter for a 60cm Searchlight.

Current Condition  
Poor, access was not granted to the team. We only reached the interior access door, which is a Gastür Type 19P7 (Gas Door) that has been modified, recently, with new locks. The condition of the exterior pipework, electrical equipment and the rails to and from the garage are in an incredibly bad state which all require specialist metal repair and immediate action to stop any further degradation. Peeking through the 48P8 you can see there are traces of the bunk bed holders on the wall as well as a air filtration pump, Heeres-Einheits-Schutzlüfter.

Recommendations for Maintenance & Preservation 
Potential use of an lights in the Garage area. With no access granted we can not comment on interior maintenance. From a quick look at the 2 x Stahltür 434P01 (Armoured Stable (Door) both require rust removal and a fresh coat of protective paint. The pipework is badly damaged and needs urgent repair. The rail line is also in a very bad state and action must be taken soon to recover what is left.

Ideas for Interpretation 
New signage to explain this area and this should include a photo of the type of searchlight used. Photos from JH Archive of the castle document the search light used. A 3d map of the bunker and also consideration to a small display of occupation photos within the garage.

Should form a stop in any digital guides. 
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