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Communications position

Design and Use 
Communication junction boxes, Kabel End Verschlusse or K.E.V boxes, part of Jersey’s Fortress Signals Network. Communication cables were routed between and into Fortifications and terminated into junction boxes. The pairs in each cable were then inter-connected within the junction boxes to allow communications between different positions.

Current Condition  
Very poor, both KEV boxes are in terrible condition. The right hand box has partially collapsed at the bottom and is full of bird droppings and dirt. The left hand box also has bird droppings and dirt but is slightly more stable.
The cables wire shielding is showing and starting to rust and fall away, both KEV boxes are rusting and the area they are placed in shows signs of damp.
The interpretation is in much need of improvement and modernisation. 

Recommendations for Maintenance & Preservation 
The remains of this position require immediate intervention by experts, droppings and dirt removed and repairs made to the bottom of the right hand side KEV box. Efforts should be made to stabilise and restore these junction boxes and possibly fit them with Perspex lids to allow visual examination.
The surrounding walls are showing dampness and should be stabilised with an anti damp/fungal paint.
Anti bird measures should be adopted to prevent further damage from the droppings.

Ideas for Interpretation 
New signage to explain this area and this should include a photo of similar KEV boxes telecoms equipment. We suggest contacting CIOS Jersey and Guernsey for access to their sites with similar KEV boxes for comparison. 

Should form a stop in any digital guides. 

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