And back to the map

We were very lucky that a German speaker passed by and asked to come in and have a look. We obliged and he soon helped spot something on the Map painted on the wall. He confirmed it was indeed Reeperbahn, he knew it very well, and also that below the cafe wording was the word home, heim in German. We as yet cannot prove this was a war time painting, but the gentlemen did know the area well and believed the drawing must be of war time age as the allied bombing changed the layout of this street. The building named home was not there in the 50’s. We noticed with the RAF recon we had the area had been badly damaged from bombing, so this goes a long way to suggest this is indeed a war time painting. The German who drew this in 43 would have not known that a year later his home would be gone and the allied soldiers were half way through France.




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