February Open Day

We had a day booked out to work in the tunnel and as we always try to do, we opened it up to Members to come help and see what we have been up to. Despite the cold, sleet and oil spills there was a steady flow of members visiting to assist and spot! By spot we mean using the best kit we have, our eyes. No matter how many times we walk through the tunnel its impossible to identify all the features in there. A fresh set of eyes, different light sources and dedication always pays off.

A good observation was on how the ventilation was used and why and how did it flip sides, from the unlined section to the lined section. There is a section of tunnel where there is no evidence of pipes being supported by the roof, which may have been needed to take the pipe work over. So perhaps it had a powered, like we have seen in some of the pressurised bunkers, pump of sorts and it acted as a junction box. We will be doing some research on the types of ventilation pumps that could have been installed in the space we have.

A second thought for the day was the clean and smooth areas which can be spotted in various stretches of rock. One thought from Simon was that these could have been resting areas for the workers and made smooth and cleaner from them leaning against the rock face. This is a very plausible theory.

A big thanks to all of visited and helped.

Our "popup" office

2017-02-11 11.14.12

Traces of the ventilation in the lined section
2017-02-11 12.42.34

Surviving ventilation on the opposite side to the cement lined section of the tunnel
2016-05-19 20.44.37-2
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