Rail Junction? or is it something else

We noticed a piece of railway line in the tunnel that was slightly buried. It looked to be a single line that had been left buried for some time. With the help of the Force 135 chaps, that visited in October, we removed some of the rubble around it. We noticed it is connected to something else beneath and it was not a single line that had been left. We spent a few hours today moving more of the earth from around it to see if we can work out what it is. Someone mentioned to us that it potentially could be a rail turntable due to where it is positioned, so we have made two small test digs where the parallel line should be and nothing was there. We are going to continue working on this to see how long it is and if there is a potential of it being buried sideways. 

2017-01-15 09.47.52

2017-01-15 09.47.46
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