A Big Thanks

This week we have had a few guests to the tunnel who have donated some really interesting artefacts from the Occupation. All of which will be used on our tours, members open days and hopefully in our museum, well once we find a home! The first thanks goes to Tony Collins who has donated a selection of bit he has dug up with the help of his metal detector. In this bundle we have 8cm Mortars, 3.7cm Pak rounds and other fragments of German fired munitions (all of which have been made safe).

2017-01-29 10.53.16

The second thanks goes out to Erik Faed who has given us a core sample from a bunker. It really helps show what went in to the cement and how solid the bunkers were. This Sample comes from WN WN Beau Rivage at St Brelades (Pizza Express area).

2017-01-15 11.08.17

2017-01-15 11.07.26

WN Beau Rivage

RN Beau Rivage and RN Beauport Batterie copy

RN Beau Rivage and RN Beauport Batterie
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