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This was all started in 2012 with a little website and Facebook page Phil made called "Traces of War Jersey" Its only aim was to share photos and information from the WWII Occupation of Jersey. From there we have developed it in to a small business capable of funding our ongoing
research, projects and most importantly the sharing of less known stories.

It is our ambition to research and share the history of the Second World War Occupation of the Channel Islands and the Normandy region.

Using our tours, website and digital magazine "The Occupation Detectives" we are going to share our journey of discovery with you.

thank you for visiting!
Phil and Kimberley

About us

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Phil Marett

Living on Jersey and being part of a very old Jersey Family, Phil was never far away from bunkers and stories from the war. Phil's Great Grandfather served in the Royal Militia of the Island of Jersey during the First World War and he and Phil's Grandparents remained on the Island during the Second World War Occupation by the Germans. Phil's father, David, inspired his interest in photography and after finishing college he started work in the photography industry. After years of learning about cameras and film development Phil changed direction and started working Finance. This did not stop his love of photography, which became more and more focused on Jersey's Military heritage. After finding nothing online about the WWII sites Phil was documenting, Phil started a Facebook page and a website to share his research work. This started off with a few friends joining and liking and soon grew into something much bigger.

Kimberley Bichard

Kimberley's passion with History started at a very young age. Her grandad fought in the Second World War and she would take any opportunity to ask him questions. Like many people of that generation he was not very talkative, this only added to Kimberleys curiosity. Kimberley studied history throughout her education, specifically focusing on WWII and Operation Overlord for her A Levels. "Growing up on Jersey you are surrounded by such a rich history you tend to take it for granted". Kimberley was given her grandads war medals many years after he passed, she began  to research them and reached out to Phil for a bit of extra help. Kimberley's passion for history and specifically WWII had been reignited and with this she began to help Phil with his research of Jersey specifically the Occupation of the Channel Islands and with that Jersey War Tour was born!

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