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Batterie Lothringen

M-132 Underground Command Bunker
Built between March 1943 and April 1944 The M-132 bunker was the command bunker for the naval coastal artillery "Batterie Lothringen". It has two floors situated 40ft underground with only the armoured cupola visible.
Opened by the
CIOS in the warmer months

Batterie Lothringen
Originally three old 15cm SK L/45 naval guns were placed in field type emplacements whilst the fortress build went on.
The Germans planned to replace these with newer weapons, but the Allied bombing in Germany put a stop the production. So when the construction of the fortress type emplacements was complete the old guns were used with the addition of a forth. The majority of the batteries 173 personnel were billeted in the former Portlet holiday camp.

We visited the batterie and bunkers with our kids and the volunteers from the CIOS were very friendly and helpful. Could not fault their knowledge or the research done. Of all the CIOS sites we have visited the command bunker had the warmest welcome, great exhibitions and a reel feel of going back in time to it. If your visiting or a local like me its worth a visit. The kids were free and adult £2.50 each. Its worth picking up the guide for a few pounds its full of info and facts.

There is a beautiful stone there which has the following inscription "This headland was acquired by the States of Jersey on behalf of the Public in commemoration of those men and women of Jersey who perished in the Second World War 1939-1945" We sometimes forget that Noirmont headland is our own island war memorial.

Here is a list from the CIOS of equipment at this batterie




Artillery (fixed)
15cm SK L/45
Anti-Aircraft (Fixed)
2cm Flak Oerlikon
Artillery (Wheeled)
7.5cm FK 231(f)
abw flam w 42
Machine-Gun (tank turret)
Machine-Gun (open emplacement)
5cm Gr. W. 36
Anti-Tank Gun
2.5cm Pak 113(f)
Searchlight (rails)
Searchlight (Fixed)

Exploring bunkers:

  • Always get permission from the owner
  • Take a torch, a spare and one more for luck
  • Don't go alone & tell someone where you will be and for how long
  • You will get dirty as most are often full of rubbish and may have been used as a public toilet
  • Anything you find still belongs to the person that owns the property
  • Unexploded ordnance is still found in Jersey if you see or find anything that looks like ordnance please call the bomb disposal officer on 01534 612 612.
  • CIOS sites are the safest and run by experts, this is where we recommend you explore

Jargon Help

Resistance Nest (RN) = Widerstandsnest (WN)
Small pocket of resistance, these would be made up of small groups of up to 10 men with light weapons. They would man Anti-tank weapons, an observation post or a field gun.

Strongpoint (STP) = Stützpunkt St.P
Next level up from an RN and consisted of several RN's. STP areas would have a combination of weapons and different branches of the military used. Examples of this can be found with Strongpoint Greve de Lecq and Strongpoint Corbiere

Jäger Casemate was a special design and name for bunkers designed to hold a 10.5cm field gun

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