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M3 Army Observation Bunker

The M3 is a reinforced field type bunker built by the German Army in 1942 to provide a range for the Artillery Batteries. The M3 was one of 13 positioned around the coast providing range and positioning of targets at sea. When we first visited the site it was hard to tell this bunker was still there. As you can see from the photos below over the two year project the bunker is recovered.

1943 RAF aerial photo with the bunker in place

Aerial photo taken in 1950's

The German Naval Tower Project produced 3 towers out of the 9 planned, had the 4th tower been built it would have been next to this bunker.

Photos documenting the recovery progress of the M3
The first visit inside the M3 Bunker
The bunker was already in quite good shape considering how long it had been left open to vandals and explorers. The first very obvious part of surviving history was the armoured loopholes for the machine guns. The second was the traces of German writing on some of the walls.

The writing on the wall
This is very hard to read but during the past two years we have seen a great improvement in the text. Using a UV light we have had the mixed results you see below. One of our guests, who reads German, thinks it all ties in to the room being used as a sickbay.

How it looks now (2016)
This is one of favourite bunkers on the island and we enjoy taking our tours and members up there. We are still working on the Bunker and trying to find away to draw out all of the German writing.
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