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Resistance Nest Mont Orgueil

Mont Orgueil Castle, In 1941 the Second Battalion 319 Infantry Support Division was stationed on the east coast of Jersey. The castle became a self contained resistance point and received its first resident German garrison. In August of that year the rooms in the keep were converted into barracks and the roof Tudor fire-control tower became a watch tower.

Today you can see the ww2 addition to the top the Tudor tower as well as the other two observation turrets that were built. The castle towers became the M7 Army Coastal Artillery Range-Finding Position.
Soon after D Day in 1944 the defence of the east coast of Jersey came under the Commander of Battle Group Sea Targets East, formed with soldiers from the west side of Jersey. Eight 15 cm K18 guns were moved from Guernsey to east batteries Schlieffen and Haeslar. The headquarters were moved from St Ouen to Mont Orgueil Castle.

A Command Post was built and can still be found in the north-east outworks. It consisted of a dual MG position with two observation and gun slits at the north and east angle of the former battery, this was connected by a covered staircase down to two covered rooms and a shelter.

The machine-gun post facing north has a 5- inch square wood lined duct below the right side that may have been for ejecting spent cartridges. The roof of the machine-gun point was made of railway irons covered with earth. The roof of the lower rooms was of I-girders covered with a thin layer of concrete, rendered with cement and a layer of bitumen, then a layer of steel shuttering, which was filled above with 60 cms of soil and rubble, then a top layer of I- girders. As you can see in the photos remains of the rooms and MG position still survive and can be visited.

One of the best resources on information is the
Heritage conservation plan

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Exploring bunkers:

  • Always get permission from the owner
  • Take a torch, a spare and one more for luck
  • Don't go alone & tell someone where you will be and for how long
  • You will get dirty as most are often full of rubbish and may have been used as a public toilet
  • Anything you find still belongs to the person that owns the property
  • Unexploded ordnance is still found in Jersey if you see or find anything that looks like ordnance please call the bomb disposal officer on 01534 612 612.
  • CIOS sites are the safest and run by experts, this is where we recommend you explore

Jargon Help

Resistance Nest (RN) = Widerstandsnest (WN)
Small pocket of resistance, these would be made up of small groups of up to 10 men with light weapons. They would man Anti-tank weapons, an observation post or a field gun.

Strongpoint (STP) = Stützpunkt St.P
Next level up from an RN and consisted of several RN's. STP areas would have a combination of weapons and different branches of the military used. Examples of this can be found with Strongpoint Greve de Lecq and Strongpoint Corbiere

Jäger Casemate was a special design and name for bunkers designed to hold a 10.5cm field gun

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