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Meet the Team

Phil Marett

Phil started working in the photography business in 1999 which started his passion for sharing photos with others. The Occupation of Jersey has had a big influence on his photography and he has been exploring and researching military sites in Jersey and France for the past 16 years. The other massive influence was his Grandparents who remained in Jersey during the Occupation. Phil uses his photography and research to make sure future generations don’t forget the dramatic past his grandparents lived through. Phil has been guiding for many years and there are no areas of the Island that he couldn’t find traces of Jersey Military History.

Kimberley Farley

Kimberley has a strong interest in the Second World War history having studied it at school and writing about Operation Overlord. Working with Phil, Kimberley began researching her Great Uncles time serving in the artillery during the first world war and also her Grandfathers military service in Africa, Italy and Europe during World War Two. Kimberley has years of experience with designing digital workflows, website simplification and experience with social media. In 2014, after helping Phil out with a project, Kimberley joined Jersey War Tours as a partner and is now a WWII researcher as well as leading tours and building up her photography portfolio.

Kimberley and Phil are associate members of the Guild of Battlefield Guides

Quick history of Jersey War Tours

In January 2012 Phil created the website Traces of War Jersey to share his work and research. With the support of his family and friends Phil started documenting as many of the Second World War two sites in Jersey as he could.

July 2013 Phil created a Facebook page and interest in his photography and research grew quickly. Phil also released his first pictorial ebook and started documenting sites from above using his drone.  

2014 the operation became too much work for just Phil and Kimberley joined the team. Working on various ideas to keep the ever-increasing financial costs down. The groundwork of offering tours was started and they began helping people looking to learn more of the Islands Military Heritage.

2015 they developed the business offering to help support the upkeep of the websites and created Jersey War Tours, which was registered with the Jersey Financial Services Commission. Jersey War Tours is the trading name and owner of the sites, which they have split in to two arms :

Jersey War Tours, for photography workshops & tours of Jersey’s military heritage
Jersey War Tours Research, for education, research and digital media

Published work

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