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History at Night - Photography Tour

  • History at Night - Photography Tour
This is a new workshop offering an introduction to night time landscape, seascape and basic lightpainting photography. Our goal at every level of the workshop is to give you the information you need to continue your night photography journey on your own. We select sites that are not lit up at night and light them up, giving you a unique photography opportunity to take something special for your portfolio, wall art, facebook or just for fun.  This photography course is taken outdoors in well chosen Jersey locations. If you are unsure if your compact is suitable please check with us using the contact us by email ( DSLR, Compact System, and Bridge cameras are fine. Workshop times:  Evening’s  19:30pm - 10.00 pm (times subject to change in summer months)

The workshop will cover the following material: 

Resources used for planning night photography outings
Lightpainting Gear and equipment basics, we will have some kit you can use on the night
Understanding the fundamentals of night photography, including aperture, shutter, and ISO settings
Focusing in the dark
Minimising noise
The fundamentals of using different lighting tools and techniques to light your foreground
Basic Creative lightpainting
Star trails
Using the moon (depending on luna cycle)
Moonrise and Moonset (depending on luna cycle)

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History at Night


History at Night - Photography Tour

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