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Top Ten Free to Visit World War Two Sites

Strongpoint Victoria Tower
Victoria Tower is a Martello Tower and operational in 1837. The purpose of the tower was to prevent the enemy landing at Anne Port and to prohibit access to Mont Saint Nicolas, protecting Mont Orgueil Castle. During the Second World War, the Germans modified the tower to include a 2cm Anti-Aircraft Gun, machine gun emplacements and the area surrounding the tour became a German Strongpoint. The area has outstanding views of Jersey's east coast, with a backdrop of the Norman coast.
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Strongpoint Grev de Lecq
Grev de Lecq Bay was a German strongpoint during the Occupation. The German Forces deployed a lot of armaments and bunkers in the area. Today you can still find a Type 670 and a Type 680 Casemate, which housed a 7.5cm Pak 40 Gun and a 10.5cm French Gun. The Harbour has scars of where the Germans installed a tank turret. You can also find traces of rails used to move the searchlight. Near the cafe remains of a latrine and sink block can be found. In the middle of the bay a Jersey Round Tower dominates the view, this Napoleonic era tower was also modified by the Germans to include a secure bunker at the base, and a roof-mounted machine gun.
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Strongpoint Corbiere
The La Corbiere area was the home for a large German Infantry Strongpoint with an array of weaponry and six fortifications built with two meter thick walls and ceilings. You will find the dominating MP-2 Naval Artillery Direction and Range-finding Tower. The lower areas towards the Lighthouse have two bunkers for a 10.5cm K331(f) Coastal Defense Gun, an M19 Automatic Fortress Mortar Bunker, a Type 634 Sechsschartentürm (6-Loophole machine gun turret), Type 606 Searchlight Bunker and Multiple machine gun positions built into the rocks. The area is great to explore in the afternoon and if you are there for sunset make sure you have your camera ready.
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Resistance Nest Fort Henry
A German Resistance Nest that was protecting the Grouville Bay from Allied invasion. The nest was made up from multiple bunkers with traces of them remaining today. You will find The Fort which was heavily modified by the Germans to Include a balcony searchlight platform, machine gun positions and personnel bunkers. In front of the tower sits Two type 670 Casemates which housed 10.5cm Guns, between them is a machine gun emplacement and a huge stretch of the Atlantic wall. At load tide, you can also see traces of the beach anti-landing defences. Park at long beach and follow the beach west to find this fantastic site.
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Batterie Moltke
Batterie Moltke had intended to house four turreted 15cm Naval Artillery Guns that never arrive. The Germans instead use four 155mm Captured French Artillery guns “Canon de 155 Grande Puissance Filloux” (GPF) designated by the Germans as the “K 418(f)”. These four guns arrived on the Island in early 1941 and two get placed Near Corbiere and two at Batterie Moltke. In 1943 all four are reunited at Moltke to complete the four gun Batterie. Where are the guns now? Well, one was recovered from the Gun Graveyard in the 90’s and is on display at Gun Position Number 4. The other three are still at the bottom of the cliffs. Not only will you find this Gun in place there are so many WWII areas to explore at this site and don't forget your camera!
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Strongpoint Plemont
Explore the newly restored headland at Plémont and discover a German Second World War Strongpoint. Strongpoint Plemont was a multi-leveled defence with stunning views of the other Channel Islands and Normandy. You will find remains of mortar, machine gun, anti-aircraft and searchlight bunkers. Dominating the high ground is the M3 Army Observation Bunker designed to watch the coast and provide coordinates to the Artillery Batteries across the island. If you follow the path down to the lower level, you will find a large searchlight bunker. The search light able to be pushed on a rail system to two surviving emplacements. As a lot of the site is on our cliff paths, please take care.
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Batterie Lothringen
Batterie Lothringen was the only German Naval batterie on Jersey. The Batterie had four 15cm SKL/45 guns that got installed on elevated platforms. In the 90's the Channel Island Occupation Society recovered one of the batteries gun barrels, which were thrown off the cliffs at the end of the war and this is on display in Gun emplacement Number One. Starting from the Gun number One you can follow a series of paths around the site and explore many of the open bunkers. When you reach the south cliff side, you will find the MP-1 Naval Artillery Direction and Range-finding Tower and the top of the M-132 Underground Command Bunker. The area provides a good few hours of exploration so, give yourselves some time to get round the whole site.
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South Hill Area
From Liberation Square in St Helier head in the direction of the large exhaust tower to the old harbour, and you will find South Hill. A vast amount of Second World War history in this area. At the base of the South Hill rock, you will find A German Tunnel and a railway tunnel. Follow the pavement up the hill, and you will find a small car park overlooking the Harbour. Here there is an entrance to the top of South Hill. Follow the lane to the top, and there you find a Victorian Gun position that was modified by the Germans to become as resistance nest. As you head back down, you will notice an area, used now to practice reversing, that was the Allied Prisoner of War Camp.
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MP-3 Naval Artillery Direction and Range-finding Tower
The MP-3 Tower was built on the Les Landes coast early 1943. The tower was a fortress type observation tower built as part of a planned network of nine towers. The towers would have controlled and directed the fire of Naval Coastal Artillery Batteries. Only three got completed, and a basement of the fourth started. The roof housed a naval Gema Seetackt Radar that had a detection range of around fifteen miles. The tower was powered by a large generator bunker which can be found at the rear of the tower. It was protected from air attack by Oerlikon 2cm Flak 29 guns, two of which were mounted on FL242 Flak bunkers. Close by you will also find the open Army M2 observation bunker. Please take care when following our cliff paths to this giant tower.
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The Anti-Tank Bunkers of St Aubin's Bay
Starting opposite the Grand Hotel, there is a lovely seaside walk you can take which will introduce you to four German Resistance Nests. Each Resistance Nest has a Type 631b casemates. These casemates housed a Czechoslovakian 4.7cm PakK 36(t) Anti-Tank Gun with a co-axial MG37(t) machine gun. These casemates were built into the sea wall and had an interlocking range of fire covering St Aubin's Bay. From town to Bell Royal the fist resistance nest (WN) you will find is WN Grand Hotel, the second is WN First Tower, the third is WN Millbrook and finally, the fourth was WN Bell Royal.
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