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Weekends 08:45 to 13:00 (other days on request)

Join us on a daytime tour of multiple WWII Bunkers, Batteries, Tunnels, Towers and many other sites all of which are not open to the public. We will show you how Jersey was made into an impregnable fortress & help you appreciate what the Third Reich was able to create with slave labour. The tour is also a perfect compliment to understanding the history of the D-Day invasion, which took place less than 30 miles away.

There is no better way to learn about the Occupation during the second world war than on this private tour. Our guides are professional researchers and we fund all the work we do from these tours. We aim to give you an experience that you won't forget! Small group numbers provide a truly custom experience. This tour takes aprox. 5 hours so please feel free to bring a snack, we will finish at 2pm for you to go off and grab a late lunch.

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Weekends 08:45 to 13:00 (other days on request)

Gain fascinating and often poignant insight into the dramatic occupation of Jersey on this private tour. Accompanied by expert WWII guides we will visit sites and talk you through some of the lesser known stories from heroes of the Occupation. We will aim to cover the following stories during the day:

Bernard Scheidhauer of 131 Squadron (Free French Air Forces), who crash-lands on Jersey
Captain Philip Ayton and Operation Hardtack 28 the only Allied incursion of Jersey.
Louisa Gould & her family who help hide Russian slave worker Bill.
Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron 34 and the loss of PT509
We will follow the footsteps of Captain Ed Clark and Lieutenant George Haas who escape the German POW camp
The Granville Raid and the Allied captured by the Germans and brought back to the Island as POW's

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